Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat Contest

I really need to get back into giveaway blogging! I got so busy planning our wedding and, and now we are expecting a little girl due April 1st of next year! Life is pretty dang good right now. Now that the horrible morning sickness is gone (I lost 15lbs!), I'm in the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, and it's great! I'm halfway through (I will be 21 weeks on Sunday), and we are starting to plan out what equipment we are going to get for her. I came across this giveaway on one of my favorite sites, and now I'm doing everything I can to enter. =)

This car seat looks pretty awesome. It lets you know if you have the car seat base buckled in correctly, and it also has a one hand tightening system. From what I saw on the video, it looks like you just buckle your baby in, and then pull on a strap, and it makes it as tight as you need it. I think it's great for when your little one is in summer clothes or a heavy coat. Here is a link to the products' website.

Want to enter? Head over to Lady and the Blog and check it out! =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shoe-La-La book and Zappos.com giveaway!

I love Ladyandtheblog.com! Vera is such a cool lady, I've followed her and her sites for years and I love seeing how much she has grown. I had to enter this giveaway because I want to give this book to my niece Emma for being a flower girl in my wedding in April, and I could really use the Zappos.com giftcard to get some comfortable flats to wear at my wedding when the 4 inch heels start killing my feet. (and they will, I'm a flats girl, but I want fun heels for my wedding! =) )

Check out the giveaway here and show Vera some love!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Paul Frank!

I'm so totally into winning this one! I have followed Vera Sweeney ever since she started her celeb gossip site, I'm Not Obssesed about 5 or 6 years ago, and then a couple years ago, she started a more woman-centered site, called Lady and the Blog.

Lady and the Blog is giving away a Paul Frank Snuggle Pack! I love Paul Frank! You get PJ pants, slippers, a plush Julius, a childrens book, and skurvy sheets! I hope I win!

Head over to Vera's site and show her somelove! :)

(You can check out my personal blog, too. :) )

Friday, September 24, 2010

More Cash!

I found a new blog that is giving away a $150 Visa Gift Card! Wow! I'm so in! The giveaway is posted on 5 different blogs, I'll list them at the bottom. Just leave a comment telling how you are able to find and stick to a routine, and you're in!

You have 5 chances to win! Show all of them some love! :)

Life in Chicago

Bonngamom Finds

Life With The Boys

Super Healthy Kids

Jenny on the Spot  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fantasian Jewlery is doing a giveaway from her Etsy Shop for a gift certificate for $30! You should head over there, because her jewlery is really beautiful! All you have to do is leave a comment to enter!

Go to her blog and show her some love. :)

The Chocolate Astronaut

The Chocolate Astronaut has a way cute Etsy shop. She makes these cool bowtie necklaces, earrings and sews some stuffed animals! Audrey over at Audrey's Giveaways is doing a giveaway where you get a bowtie necklace and some earrings!

Head over to Audreys blog and show her some love. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Never Knew!

So, I think I just learned that my eyelashes aren't meant to curl! I just always thought I wasn't doing it correctly. I was reading a giveaway post over on a blog called Menopausal New Mom and she says the same thing. She is giving away a heated eyelash curler. I never even knew such a thing existed, but now I need one. :)

Head over to the giveaway post adn show her some love. :)